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Pride Month, which is celebrated in June every year across the globe, is the time to reflect and resonate our support for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. As Harvey Milk once quoted: “The more people open their hearts to us, the less we will have to fight for our rights. We extend our admiration to all members of the community, who despite facing unprecedented challenges, continue to break barriers in different spheres of the society.

At C&C, we firmly stand with the pioneers of the community in their tenacious fight for equal rights and inclusion within the community. The recruitment, appraisal as well as organisation policies of our firm echo the belief of gender neutrality as well as gender sensitivity and our goals are aligned to ensure gender balance across the firm. We strive to create a supportive ecosystem within the firm in order to enable all members to be proud of their sexual orientation and identity. In line with the firm’s vision of creating a diverse and talented community of professionals, we are committed to nurturing an inclusive and bias-free work environment. At our firm, we conduct regular team building activities, mentoring programs as well as mental health sessions. Through these initiatives, we attempt to cultivate a sense of belonging where our members feel included, supported and safe to present their authentic selves at work. As IP attorneys, our lens towards society continues to be coloured, and what better than a wide palette of ‘rainbow’ hues.


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