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Laos: Department of Intellectual Property eases Notarization Requirement

As per a recent notification under number 0973/DIP, dated June 26, 2023, issued by the Lao Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), the following documents shall no longer be required to be notarized while being submitted with the DIP:

· Power of Attorney;

· Inventorship Deed of Assignment;

· Declaration of Assignment;

· Licensing Agreement;

· Declaration of Change of Name/Address.

To ensure the authenticity of the documents, the DIP has stated that the Representatives submitting the original Power of Attorney would be responsible before the law. Further, in case of doubts, the DIP may verify or request additional certification.

The said procedural change has been effective since June 26, 2023. However, the applications and requests filed before June 26, 2023, must comply with submitting the original notarized documents.

The abolishment of notarization from documents has eased the documentary requirements and procedural steps for the Applicants, thus simplifying the paperwork for the Applicants seeking to register their IP rights in Laos.

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