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We provide diverse services in the Patent field including:


  • Patent Searches

  • State of the art searches

  • Prior Art searches

  • Freedom to operate searches

  • Invalidation Searches

  • Name Searches

  • Subject Matter Searches

  • Patent drawings and illustrations

  • Patent Watch

  • Patent Drafting

  • Patent Filing

  • PCT International Application Filing 

  • Convention Patent Filing in other countries

  • PCT National Phase Application

  • Convention Patent Application in India

  • Patent prosecution

  • Patent Grant

  • Response to Office Action

  • Patent hearings

  • Annuity Payments

  • Annual Working Reports (AWR)

  • Assignment Recordals

  • Licensing and Recordals

  • Compulsory Licenses

  • Pre Grant Opposition

  • Post Grant Opposition

  • Patent Invalidation Actions

  • Foreign Filing License


For PCT NATIONAL PHASE documentation, please click here


For Convention Patent documentation, please click here


For Patent searches and drafting, please contact us at


Our diverse technical expertise ensures high quality services for our clients across all industries and technical disciplines. For more information on Technical Teams, please refer to Technical Fields and for more information on Patents, please refer to our IP Knowledge Base.


Services & Documentation
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