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The Indian application has to be filed within 12 months of first filing in convention country.


MINIMUM DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (required before 12 months)


  • Name, address and Nationality of Applicants and inventors.

  • Priority application number, date of filing, country, title of invention and applicant in convention country

  • Patent specification, claims and drawings in English. (Preferably send by email)


COMPLETE FILING REQUIREMENTS (may be filed after 12 months)


  • Certified copy of Priority documents (within 6 months).

  • True Translated copy of complete specification filed in convention country, if original application was not in English (within 6 months).

  • Proof of Right to file Patent (like Assignment Deed or Employment contract or Form-1 signed by inventors): within 6 months.

  • Power of Attorney (may be filed later; no late fee).

  • Following information (as far as available) regarding the application filed in other countries, if any:

    • Name of the Country

    • Date of Application

    • Application No.

    • Status of the application

    • Date of publication

    • Date of grant


Certified Copy of Priority Documents


For convention applications, certified copy of priority docs with English translation has to be filed within 3 months from date of communication by Controller.

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