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Automotives & Auto Components Patents Team


The team has extensive technical experience in handling handle patent innovations relating to diverse aspects of Automotive technologies including:


  • automobiles;

  • auto components;

  • combustion engines;

  • machines & engines;

  • power distribution systems;

  • thermal insulation;

  • measurement/ testing;

  • braking systems;

  • suspension arrangements;

  • wheels and tyres;

  • fuel emission; 

  • lighting and signalling;

  • heating, cooling and air treatment systems;

  • electric vehicles;

  • vehicle dynamics;

  • vehicle fittings; 

  • NVH engineering;

  • vehicle electronics; 

  • emission control devices.


Our Automotive team’s reputation is built on  high-quality patent drafting and prosecution work in exceedingly sophisticated technologies with experienced patent attorneys having worked both in house as well as outside counsels for several global companies over the years.


The Indian Patent Scenario


Automotive patents do not usually face any peculiar issues under Indian Law. A large number of foreign and Indian automotive and auto component manufacturers (as well as R&D companies) file patents in this technical field.


Apart from basic criteria of patentability viz. Novelty, Inventive step and Industrial applicability which are governed by Section 2 of the Indian Patent Act, the relevant provision that impact the inventions under this category is Section 3(f) which states that “the mere arrangement or re-arrangement or duplication of known devices each functioning independently of one another in a known way” is not patentable. 


A direct corelation is visible between the Indian automobile market and the number of patent applications filed in this field. Honda leads the way with highest number of patent filings in India (including 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler), followed by Tata Motors and Toyota.



Current scenario in India


Most of the world’s leading automobile companies actively protect their IP in India. Indian Automotive Industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing automobile industries and India may become one of the global leader in following years. Patenting activity in the arena of automotive has also increased substantially after the patent lawsuit between TVS Motors and Bajaj Auto.


Automotive Industry in India


  • One of the Largest automotive markets

  • 2nd fastest growing market

  • 3rd Largest exporter of automobiles

  • More than 3500 auto component manufacturers across India

  • Chennai, Pune and Gurgaon (and nearby areas) are main manufacturing hubs

  • Kolkata and Bangalore also offer manufacturing facilities

  • Gujarat coming up as new hub

  • Exports of over $4.5 billion

  • Many Joint Ventures between Indian and Foreign companies

  • Several Indian and Foreign Manufacturers including:

    • Tata Motors

    • Mahindra

    • Hero

    • Toyota

    • Honda

    • Audi

    • BMW

    • Mercedes

    • General Motors

    • Ford

    • Hyundai

    • Volvo

    • TVS

    • Volkswagon

    • Bajaj

    • KTM

    • Kinetic

    • Vespa

    • Fiat

    • Ssangyong

    • Jaguar

    • Piaggio

    • Yamaha

    • Royal Enfield

    • Mitsubishi

    • Nissan

    • TAFE

    • Isuzu



Technical Fields
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