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India: Trade Marks Office keeps pace with the Digital India initiative - announces issuance of E- Ce

The Indian Trade Marks Office has issued a notification announcing automation of the process of generation and issuance of Trade Mark Registration Certificates.

Starting from August 01, 2016, the Trade Mark Registration Certificates will be generated through an automated system in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Trade Marks Act & Rules. These Certificates shall be made available to the concerned Applicants or their authorized agents on record, provided the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The application has been published in the Trade Marks Journal on or after November 23, 2015;

  2. Has NO pending disposal requests for amendment filed on behalf of the applicant;

  3. Copy of original application for registration is available in the Trade Marks Registry’s electronic database;

  4. Has NO pending requirements for compliance (Fee, Power of Attorney etc.); and

  5. Has NOT been specifically prohibited for registration by any orders of:

  • Courts;

  • IPAB; or

  • Any competent authority.

The cases which DO NOT fulfill the aforementioned necessary conditions, shall be processed on a case-to-case basis in accordance with the prevalent legal regimes and Trademark systems by the Registration Wing of the Examination Publication and Registration Section of the Trademark Registry Mumbai.

The Certificates generated online shall be transmitted to the concerned Applicant or his authorized agent (on record) on their respective email addresses and shall also be made available online, along with their statuses on the Registry’s official website.

Besides being a welcome step towards simplifying the trademark registration process, the notification also sheds lights on India’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Allowing online flexibility will encourage businesses to register their trademarks in India and shall benefit both the applicants and their facilitators. A welcome move, indeed!

While we will be notifying our clients about the issuance of Registration Certificates for each case separately, please feel free to get in touch with us at for any possible assistance in this regard.

A copy of the notification and a list of cases issued by the Trade Marks Office can be accessed here.

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