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INDIA: TM: Official Fee likely to be doubled with effect from March 06, 2017

Following the release of the Trade Mark (Amendment) Rules, 2015, for public comment, the time has finally come for their notification. Among the host of changes introduced by the new rules, the cost of filings in the Trade Marks Registry have been increased by 100%.

  • The cost of application for registration of a trade mark in India has been increased from the current rate of INR 4000 (approximately 60 USD) to INR 8000 (approximately 120 USD).

  • The cost of renewal of a trade mark has been increased from INR 5000 (approximately USD 75) to INR 10,000 (approximately 150 USD)

The amendments are likely to come into effect from Monday, March 06, 2017. Therefore, it is advisable that owners of trade marks file their applications, and renewal requests, as the case may be, prior to that time. Considering the circumstances, our offices will be open tomorrow i.e. Saturday March 04, 2017. For any urgent matters, please let us have your instructions by 12 noon (IST), March 04, 2017.

For any urgent queries, please reach us at +91 99100 17274.

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