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India leads way to secure patent for one of its kind “digital vaccine” platform

There is no greater need than for frontier technologies like neural networks, metaverse, NFTs, neurocognitive computing, AI, vaccines to be harnessed in ethical and scientific ways, guided by collective civilisational wisdom one world, to protect the health of the future of humanity"[1], stated Indian biomedical tech entrepreneur and founder of FriendsLearn, Bhargav Sri Prakash, founder of the “digital vaccine” platform. The said platform, aimed at preventing real-health medical issues through metaverse, has been accorded patent protection by the United States Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO).

In easy terms, a virtual vaccine makes use of artificial intelligence to create a person’s replica for a game in the metaverse. In the virtual world, the character is made to keep away from unhealthy habits and due to this neuro-cognitive schooling, the virtual behaviour is translated into real-existence implementation. Thus, the character’s way of life-associated diseases has been treated with a digital vaccine.

The aim of the platform is to tap in the dependence of humanity on the metamorphosing virtual landscape, to stimulate certain physiological changes in the body. The platform works by creating an ‘avatar’ of a person in a virtual reality situation and taking the avatar through ‘games. The metaverse experience will induce the brain to stimulate certain physiological changes in the body.

As per some reports, this platform, which is as part of Carnegie Mellon University's digital vaccine project, can potentially prevent a wide spectrum of diseases ranging from Covid-19 and influenza to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and certain cancers, and even cognitive diseases.

Cognitive behaviour therapy applications have been used to treat several mental disorders including depression, schizophrenia etc. all across the globe. Another Indian startup FutureCure Health has secured six Indian patents and two US patents for various medical devices for treating Vertigo and Dizziness patients by deploying cognitive behaviour therapy.

The said digital vaccines are presently being deployed in colleges across the globe and have been carried out for patents in India, Europe, China, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.


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