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Patent Registration in Bangalore


Bangalore is listed in the Top 20 startup ecosystems across the globe and is home to hundreds of Information Technology companies. Often referred as the 'Silicon Valley of India', the city is home to several premier research Institutions and Universities along with several prominent manufacturing facilities in Aerospace, Aviation, and Biotechnology sectors and a thriving Pharmaceutical sector.


Patent registration confers a temporary monopoly over the invention by which, a patentee can exclude others from making, selling, distributing and importing the invention. This right empowers the patentee to seek remedy in the Court of Law for infringement of patented invention and also to claim equitable and monetary reliefs on the proof of its infringement.


We have carved out a niche for ourselves amongst several IPR firms in Bangalore, offering best of prosecution and litigation works though our experienced teams of experts, associates and Attorneys to cater to all your IP requirements.


In case you need any assistance, in regard to Patent Registration and other IP related matters in Bangalore, please feel free to write us at


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