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Trademark registration in Kolkata


Kolkata is an Industry Intensive City in India. The city is a hub for Information Technology related companies in East India. Kolkata is traditionally home to various industries like jute, foundry leather, chemicals, plastics etc., and it is now emerging as a major electronics and IT industrial hub. 


The rise of competing businesses in the market raises alarm for business duplicating the products and services and taking undue advantage of one’s reputation and goodwill. To protect against such malpractices, trademark registration is vital, which the trademarks do. 

We endeavor to provide you with the expertise, unparallel service in the field and aim to build up long term relations, wherein your trust and your marks are equally nurtured, protected and taken care of.


In case you need any assistance, in regard to Trademark Registration and other IP related matters in Chennai, please feel free to write us at


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