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Biotechnology & Life Sciences Patents Team


We proudly offer a profound team of professionals with their expertise across the biotechnology landscape including:


> Molecular biology

> Biochemistry

> Immunology

> Microbiology

> Vaccines

> Genetics

> Stem cell technology

> Tissue engineering 

> DNA Technology 

> Food and agriculture

> Tissue Engineering

> Bioinformatics

> Industrial Biotechnology

> Recombinant Technology

> Enzymology


We maintain our high standards and provide our clients with complete range of IP services in this field including patent searching, patent drafting, prosecution and other IP services.


Indian Patent Scenario


Biotechnology patents should satisfy the three prerequisites of patentability i.e Novelty, Inventive and Industrial application. Further, it might also encounter certain non-patentable criteria of the Patent Law which are categorised under Section 3 of Indian Patents Act, namely:


(i) Method of treatment is not patentable;

(ii) A plant or animal in whole or any part thereof other than microorganisms but including seeds, varieties and species and essentially biological processes for production or propagation of plants and animals is not patentable;


(iii) New form of known substance or new use of known substance or new property of known substance are all non-patentable inventions.


Despite the substantive mode of examination a number of international companies along with Research and Development Institutions & Academic Institutions are investing in India.


Current Scenario in India:


Currently a number of companies are investing in the Biotechnology sector. India is amongst the top 12-biotech destinations in the world and ranks third in the Asia-Pacific region. Several global companies have aggressively joined hands with Indian companies due to India's strong generic biotechnology potential.


Biotechnology Industry in India 


        - The Indian biotech industry is one of the fastest growing industry at an average growth rate of around 30% per year.

        -  The market size of the sector is expected to rise up to USD 11.6 Billion by 2017.

        -  India has recently taken over Canada to emerge as the fourth largest country to grow Genetically modified crops. 

        - Department of Biotechnology has started a few schemes to help the entrepreneurs and startup companies.

      - The Indian biotech system has become so friendly over the years that any individual with an innovative idea can now start a company.

      - A Network of Technology Centres and promotion of start-ups by SIDBI are among few of the steps taken by the government to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in agro industry proposed by  the MSME Ministry in a new scheme. 

      - Department of Biotechnology came out with biotech parks in various parts of the countries to increase the amount of research and innovation,  which are located at-

  • Lucknow

  • Bangalore

  • Kerala

  • Madhaya Pradesh


   - Bristol-Myers Squibb and Syngene International, the contract research subsidiary of Biocon, have announced a five-year extension of their drug discovery and development collaboration in India.   



Several Indian and Foreign companies investing in India are:


  # Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

  # Defence Research & development Organisation (DRDO)

  #  Departmnet of Biotechnology

  #  Jubilant life sciences limited

  # Biocon

 # GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited

 # Shantha Biotechnics Limited

 #  Fresenius

 # Hospira 

 # Limagrain

 # Endo Pharmaceuticals

 # Mylan Inc. 

 # Siemens


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