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Patent Registration in Cochin


Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala. The city lures International investments and in recent times, a surge in development of IT and Pharmaceutical parks has made it one of the fastest growing cities in India.


A patent is often considered as a negative right as by virtue of this right, the patentee gets a monopoly and he can exclude others form use of his invention. Patent protects the right emanating from one’s intellect and credits the inventor for his invention. It also provides patentee, a right to enforce its right by infringement and injunction suits.


 We are a thriving IP firm in Cochin and boast of offering world class patent services to cater to all your registration, prosecution and litigation needs. We offer unparalleled Patent Registration services for you with the support of well experienced Patent Attorneys team in Cochin and across the country.


In case you need any assistance, in regard to Patent Registration and other IP related matters in Cochin, please feel free to write us at



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