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Trademark Registration in Pune


Pune is home to numerous automobile spare parts, machine tools, food products, pharmaceuticals industries and educational institutions. Small and Medium Scale Industries form the crux of Pune’s economy.


Trademark provides recognition to one’s goods and services and act as, both, an identity and distinction from similar goods and services of others. Trademark is an intellectual asset that ensures that a person’s goodwill is not taken undue advantage. Consumers tend to respond well to established logos and brands and trademark registration ensures the same.


Chadha & Chadha, an  Intellectual Property Law Firm based in Pune, offers premier Trademark Registration services in the city and pan India. The firm has a well experienced team of associates and tenacious attorneys providing you with their excellent services to your satisfaction at affordable rates. The litigation team sets high quality standards for trademark matters and also handles overseas litigation matters.


In case you need any assistance, in regard to Trademark Registration and other IP related matters in Chennai, please feel free to write us at

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