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Patent Registration in Kolkata


Kolkata is home to many industrial unitsof large Indian corporations specialised in engineering products, electronics, electrical equipment, cables, steel, leather, textiles, jewellery, frigates, automobiles, railway coaches and wagons. It harbors country's first Toy Park apart from Gem and Jewellery Park and is now emerging as a major electronics and IT industrial hub. Kolkata is the important business, commercial and financial hub of eastern India and it is the capital of the state of West Bengal.


If you are looking for patent office in Kolkata, contact us now for highest quality of work in all aspect of intellectual property including patents, trademark, etc. We understand the importance of your IP rights and especially of “intellectual intangibles” such as a patent. Therefore, we provide the best possible solution whereby all your patent registration, prosecution and litigation needs are catered by our excellent team of patent Attorneys, associates and experts. 


In case you need any assistance, in regard to Patent Registration and other IP related matters in Kolkata, please feel free to write us at






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