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Trademark Registration in Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad houses large number of industries in the areasof textiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, information technology and many more. Government initiatives like “Vibrant Gujarat” have put Ahmedabad on World map. 


A Trademark is mark or logo with which businesses and services of a person are identified. It helps business organizations to build niche image for their products and services, which can be associated with the proprietor of these products and services. Through trademark registration, business of the holder can be protected against infringers trying to take undue advantage of his goodwill and confusing the consumer that the goods or services offered by illegitimate user relates to the holder of the mark.


Candcip is an Intellectual Property Firm based in Ahmedabad which offers trademark registration services. With it experienced staff of assoicates and attorneys, we pride ourselves with the best IP services in the region.


In case you need any assistance, in regard to Trademark Registration and other IP related matters in Ahmedabad, please feel free to write us at

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