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Onwards and Upwards!

In a recent press release (view here), the accelerating growth and performance of the Indian Patent Office (hereinafter referred to as the IPO) was highlighted. A brief of said press release is as below:

Digital IPO

The IPO has emphasized on digital means in its functioning and operations.

- Every application is now processed online from start to finish;

- Hearings are conducted digitally;

- Parties are not required to travel to the Patent offices now.

Simplified procedure, growing innovation

- Processes have been simplified and streamlined including new timelines for disposal and shift to digital mode to promote ease of filing and obtaining services;

- Special care is being given to expedite examination of patents filed especially for applications filed by Startups, Women Entrepreneurs etc. While assessing impact of measures taken, it is noted that E-filing has increased from 30 % to more than 95%;

- Fees for Start-ups, MSMEs, women entrepreneurs reduced by 80%

Rapid increase in grants

These developments have reflected positively in the improvement of India’s ranking in the Innovation Index. India has climbed 33 notches from 81st position in 2015-16 to 48th in 2020.

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